Mountain climbing is a wonderful way to relax and experience the beauty of nature just outside Beijing. The city is surrounded on the west side by mountains, in beautiful contrast with the city any time of the year. In the spring and summer they are green and alive with new growth. Bring a bottle of water, appropriate clothing, and sports shoes. Relax yourself in the freshness of nature.

Badaling National Forest
Yunmeng Mountain National
Forest Park
Jiufeng National Forest
Miaofeng Mountain
Phoenix Mountain
Mang Mountain National
Forest Park
Xiaolongmen National
Forest Park
Ying Mountain National
Forest Park
Yunju Temple Natural
Scenic Area
Shentangyu Natural Scenic
Tips for keeping healthy in travel
Dietetic hygiene is a key factor to stay healthy during traveling. Here are some tips as below for you to prevent disease from going in by the month, and keep healthy in travel.
Common "travel-related diseases"
Going to a new place where the geological environment, climate, hardness of drinking water and diet are largely different from you are used to may make you feel very unaccustomed and cause diarrhea easily. You should pay much attention to the diarrhea since it will trigger the lost of water and electrolyte in your body, thus causing exhaustion, seizure, fever, and other complications.
Tips for relieving your fatigue in travel
It is a golden season to travel in the beautiful spring, when people can climb mountains to enjoy steep stones and towering peaks, or experience the vast sea with refreshing breeze around. Nevertheless, people may have backache and sore waist in comparison with a happy memory when they return, which ineluctably adds some blue color to such joyfulness. Is there any way to remove the fatigue? The answer is positive.
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