Mountain climbing is a wonderful way to relax and experience the beauty of nature just outside Beijing. The city is surrounded on the west side by mountains, in beautiful contrast with the city any time of the year. In the spring and summer they are green and alive with new growth. Bring a bottle of water, appropriate clothing, and sports shoes. Relax yourself in the freshness of nature.

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Yunmeng Mountain National
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Mang Mountain National
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Mang Mountain National Forest Park

Located at the eastern side of the Ming Tombs Reservoir in Changping District, Mangshan National Forest Park is a national AAA natural mountainous scenic spot.


The Park boasts its dense forest with an area of 86 km2, covering 86.5% of the park, ranking the first in terms of forest area in and around Beijing. More than 170 kinds of trees and flowers produce fresh air, charming scenery, and pipes waves with breezes in the Park, making people much immersed. Besides, it also features its human landscapes as follows: 1. Forests of steles: up to a hundred of steles stand with greening inscriptions by personages like Qi Gong, Dong Shouping. 2. Artificial Lake of Heaven, a pumped power station in the Ming Tombs lying on the Mangshan Mountain peak with an area of 166,700 m2, has been selected as one of the priority projects in the Eighth Five-Year Plan for economic development. 3. Observation Tower: it is 37 m high and on the peak of 640 m elevation. 4. Stone Maitreya, kind-hearted with a smile on his face, becomes the biggest carved stone statue of Buddha in the North with a height of 9.9 m and a weight of 1,500 tons.


Also, various activities take place in the Park each year, such as a trip of planting in March & April, hiking and flowers viewing in April & May, mountain fruits collecting from June to October, enjoying the red leaves of maple trees in Autumn, and mountain-climbing & fitness in Winter and New Year.



Tel: +86 10-60713818

Admission: 20 Yuan for adults, 10 Yuan for students and the seniors with valid certificates, and free of charge for those with Military ID and Certificate of Retirement

Location: At the east side of the Ming Tombs Reservoir in Changping District, Beijing

By Bus: Take Bus 919 (Deshengmen -Jiulong Amusement Park) at Deshengmen, Bus 845 at Beijing Western Railway Station, Bus 912 Branch at Andingmen, and get off at the terminal; or Take Bus 345 Branch, get off at the terminal, and then transfer to Bus 6 Ring or 912 to get there.
By private car: Drive along Beijing-Changping Expressway and take the Changping Xiguan Exit. Drive eastward to Dongguan Round along the Governments Street of Changping, then northward along Reservoir Road. Follow the road signs to Mangshan Resort, and the park is right past the Mangshan Resort.