Mountain climbing is a wonderful way to relax and experience the beauty of nature just outside Beijing. The city is surrounded on the west side by mountains, in beautiful contrast with the city any time of the year. In the spring and summer they are green and alive with new growth. Bring a bottle of water, appropriate clothing, and sports shoes. Relax yourself in the freshness of nature.

Badaling National Forest
Yunmeng Mountain National
Forest Park
Jiufeng National Forest
Miaofeng Mountain
Phoenix Mountain
Mang Mountain National
Forest Park
Xiaolongmen National
Forest Park
Ying Mountain National
Forest Park
Yunju Temple Natural
Scenic Area
Shentangyu Natural Scenic
Xiaolongmen National Forest Park

Located in Xiaolongmen Village of Qingshui Town in Mentougou District, Xiaolongmen National Forest Park is a national AA natural scenic spot for vacations and scientific research & teaching as well.


The park lies in a big valley with mountains standing around. It covers an area of 15.95 square km, where there are softwood forest and hardwood forest in more than 6.67 square km, various color-leaved trees and numerous nameless wild flowers. It accommodates 844 advanced vascular plants of 107 families, including the Sorbus discolor and Sorbus pohuashanensis, two special species in Beijing and west mountain area, and Needle fir and Larix principis-rupprechtii Mayr, special species in North China. It is also a paradise of the wild animals. It inhabits more than 700 kinds of animals including Aquila chrysaetos, and Crossoptilon mantchuricum, the national first-class protection animals, Nemorhaedus, the national second-class protection animal, and Prionailurus bengalensis, Beijing protection animal. The mountains, rocks and forests in the park show a great variety of shapes and forms, and the Phasianus colchicus Hill, Boar Forest, Rhododendron Valley, and Potherb Land lie one after another with a beautiful vision, which all make the park particularly charming.

Tel: 86-10-61827665
Admission: RMB 15 Yuan
Location: Xiaolongmen National Forest Park, Mentougou District, Beijing
By Bus: Take Bus 929 Branch at Pingguoyuan Subway Station, get off at Shuangtangjian, and then take a taxi there;
By private car: Drive westward along Fushi Exprwy. to Mentougou District, then drive along National Highway 109 to get there(at the 114 km mark of the highway).