Mountain climbing is a wonderful way to relax and experience the beauty of nature just outside Beijing. The city is surrounded on the west side by mountains, in beautiful contrast with the city any time of the year. In the spring and summer they are green and alive with new growth. Bring a bottle of water, appropriate clothing, and sports shoes. Relax yourself in the freshness of nature.

Badaling National Forest
Yunmeng Mountain National
Forest Park
Jiufeng National Forest
Miaofeng Mountain
Phoenix Mountain
Mang Mountain National
Forest Park
Xiaolongmen National
Forest Park
Ying Mountain National
Forest Park
Yunju Temple Natural
Scenic Area
Shentangyu Natural Scenic
Tips for keeping healthy in travel

Dietetic hygiene is a key factor to stay healthy during traveling. Here are some tips as below for you to prevent disease from going in by the month, and keep healthy in travel.

1. Drink clean water
Generally speaking, unboiled water is undrinkable. Boiled water, sterilized and purified tap water would be the first choice for the travelers to drink, and then the spring water and deep well water. Never drink the water from a river, a stream, a pool or a lake directly. Take the fruits as alternatives when there is no qualified water to drink.

2. Clean or peel the fruits before eat
Fruits must be cleaned or peeled before you eat them since they may be contaminated by pesticides as well as harmful bacteria or parasites in the processes of picking and selling.

3. Pay much attention to each meal, choose before dine
You can dine in medium and high grade restaurants or go to some sidewalk snack booths selectively, but no roadside stands. You might often get hungry in travel, however, it is strongly suggested that you not buy foods from hawkers. Otherwise, you would risk your own life for it.

4. Learn to recognize the dietetic hygiene status of the restaurant
You should learn that a qualified restaurant must have a hygiene license, clean water source, sterilized equipment, fresh raw food materials, dust-proof facilities, tidy ambient conditions and free of flies and mosquitoes, the cashier should not touch food and the cash should be kept away from the food.

5. Restrain your diet when traveling with ship or flight
When you are travelling on a ship or a flight, you may have a slow digestion for lack of movements. Unrestrained diet will certainly increase the burden of your stomach, causing a stomach upset.