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Hey! My name is Ian Carrico, and I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin who is studying abroad right here in the city of Beijing at Beiwai University. I have been loving living in the city, and want to share some of my experiences here. One day my friends and I decided to go see some awesome attractions at my favorite area within the Second Ring Road, Houhai. Armed with my camera, a tripod, and a few planned stops, we discovered some of the best areas around Houhai!

What to See
Bell and Drum Towers - The landmark of Beijing

Bell and Drum Towers were first built in Yuan Dynasty. Located in the northern end of Beijing middle axis, the towers used to be the time-reporting center in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Yandai Byway

The area of the Hutong: a slanting street from the Drum Tower to Shichahai Lake

Feature spots: ancient street scenery, smoking utensils, handicrafts, stores selling characteristic clothes and ornaments.

Yinding Bridge

First built in Ming Dynasty, the bridge is in the shape of a silver sycee, and that is why it is called Yinding Bridge. The famous "Viewing the mountains at Yinding Bridge" was one of the eight minor sceneries in Beijing.

Huguo Temple Jingang Hall - A temple that boast a long history

The Temple was first built in Yuan Dynasty. The Jingang Hall of the Temple is well preserved. Collected in the Temple is the authentic works of "Stele of Huguo Temple" that can be traced back to the 12th year of Qing Emperor Qianlong's reign.

Fire-fiend Temple - An eminent royal Taoist temple

It was also called the Huo De Zhen Jun Temple. The front gate boasts its yellow colored glaze tiles that were granted by an Emperor. The dragon embellishment ceiling of the Fire God Hall is extremely beautiful.

Guanghua Temple - Famous Buddhist Temple

Guanghua Temple is the place where Beijing Buddhism Association is located. As the most completely preserved ancient temple from Yuan Dynasty, the Temple used to be the earliest municipal library in Beijing - The Capital Library.

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