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Jorgen Elmeskov

Jorgen Elmeskov is Director of the Policy Studies Branch of the OECD Economics Department and will be acting Head of Department until a new Chief Economist takes up his duties.

He has worked in the OECD since 1986 in various capacities, being associated, inter alia, with the OECD Jobs Strategy, the OECD Growth Project and the Organisation’s work on climate change and on globalisation. He also chaired the editorial board of OECD Economic Studies.

He was a Member of the Danish Government’s Welfare Commission, whose proposals triggered recent retirement reforms. He is currently a Member of the Danish government’s Climate Commission. Mr. Elmeskov is of Danish nationality and has a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.


Following the economic and financial crisis, many OECD countries are likely to suffer permanent output losses as productivity is durably affected and structural unemployment is likely to increase. These developments will make it even more difficult to bring government deficits back towards sustainable positions. Indeed, following the large increases in budget deficits substantial and long-lasting fiscal consolidation will be called for – on a scale that has rarely been seen before and with a previously unseen degree of synchronisation across countries. These developments are likely to have large spillover effects on other countries, including China, through both trade and financial linkages.

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