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Nov. 11th— Opening Ceremony
Venue: The People's Great Hall
Nov. 12th— Theme oriented Speech and Honorary Professorship Grant
Venue: Tsinghua University and Beijing University
Nov. 13th— Visit and High-level Roundtable Discussions
Venue: Chinese Acdamy of Science and Friendship Hotel
Nov. 14th— Closing Ceremony
Venue: Beijing International Hotel
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Photos taken for Nobel Prize Beijing Forum 2008
Press Release for the "2008 Nobel Winners Beijing Forum"
Honored Guests to Speak at the 2008 Nobel Winners Beijing Forum
About the Turing Award
Main Activities and Speech Topics for the Honored Guests to the 2008 Nobel Winners Beijing Forum
A. M. Turing Award
ACM's most prestigious technical award is accompanied by a prize of $250,000. It is given to an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community. The contributions should be of lasting and major technical importance to the computer field.
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Photos taken for Nobel Prize Beijing ...
Youngsters Enlightened and Delighted
Nothing left to discover, a world to ...
2008 Zhongguancun Forum to be held in...
More Efforts Called for Development o...
Press Release for the "2008 Nobel Win...
Martinus Veltman   George Smoot   James A. Mirrlees   Roger D. Kornberg
David Gross   Ivar Giaever   Zhores I. Alferov    
Chi-Chih Yao   Butler W. Lampson   John E. Hopcroft   Robert Kahn
Li Guojie  
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