An In-depth Tour for the Shicha Hai - Be a local people in Shicha Hai for a day

In the morning, clean the yard, do exercises with the birdcage with the host,
Eat the special morning tea in a special little shop,
Hang out in the hutongs and yards, viewing the noisy market of the community,
Walk on the bank to the east, looking the customs and local life,
At the noon, find a comfortable restaurant fill the hungry stomach, 
Go to the Yinding Bridge, one of the "Top 8 Yanjing sceneries", watching the elegant water in Shicha Hai,
Step into Yandai Byway, a street with history of a century, searching for some "treasures" seldom seen elsewhere,
Buy some daily stuff in Di'anmenwai shopping center,
In the evening, go back to the home of the host, learning to make some local dishes or making dumplings with the family,
Sit in the yard, eating the dishes and listening to the stories of the family and customs of Beijing,
In the night, find a bar by the water, holding the cup, viewing the water and enjoying the life.
You want to know about real Shicha Hai? Live in the ordinary house, and be a guy of Shicha Hai for a day.

Ordinary Residence

     Address                                              Specialities
No. 10 Huguosi St.                       Tan Yan Officiial Banquet
Jia No. 33 Dajinsi Hutong             Special accommodation
No. 12 Dajinsi Hutong                  Warm and sweet yards
No. 5 Qiangan Hutong                  Family historical stories
No. 15 Xikoudai Hutong              Visited by 86 counties tourists
No. 20 Xikoudai Hutong              Stories of old Beijing by the hos