History of the Great Wall-- Chronology of the Construction


Wall Built

Delineation or Location

Length (km)


Spring and Autumn (770-476B.C.)

Wall of Qi

South bank of the Yellow River in Pingyin County (Western Shandong) -northern slopes of Mount Tai-Yimeng Mountain area-seaboard in Jiao County

Over 500


Warring States (475-221B.C.)

Wall built under the Jianluo reign of Qin

West bank of Luo River in Shaanxi


461-409 B.C.

Wall built under the reign of King Zhao of Qin

Tao River in Min County (gansu)-Ningxia-Northern Shaanxi-eastern part of Ordos Plateau in Inner Mongolia


c.287 B.C.

Wall of Wei, west of the Yellow River

East bank of Luo River in Shaanxi-east bank of Yellow River on Ordos Plateau, called "the wall west of the Yellow River"

About 700

361-352 B.C.

Wall of Zhao

Yu County, Hebei-southern slopes of Yinshan Mountains, Inner Mongolia-Langshankou Pass, also in Inner Mongolia

About 1000

c.299 B.C.

Wall of Yan

Southeastern Inner Mongolia-northern slopes of Yanshan Mountains-Liaodong

About 1000

c.311-279 B.C.

Qin Dynasty
(221-207 B.C.)

The Great Wall of Qin

Upper reaches of Tao River Gansu-bank of the Yellow River-northern slopes of Yinshan Mountains-Liaodong, called the 10,000-li wall of Qin


214 B.C.

Western Han Dynasty (206B.C.-A.D.24)

Wall of Han

A reinforced version of the wall of Qin, with deviation to the north or south at certain points all the way to Liaodong


205-127 B.C.

Wall west of the Yellow River

Lanzhou, Gansu-Yumen Pass-Lop Nor in Xinjiang


121-101 B.C.

Guanglu Castle in central Inner Mongolia

Wuchuan County, Inner Mongolia-Urad Rear Banner, also in Inner Mongolia-People's Republic of Mongolia

About 1,000

102 B.C.

Juyan Castle in northwestern Inner Mongolia

Jiayu Mountain, Gansu-Ejun Banner, Inner Mongolia-People's Republic of Mongolia

About 750

102 B.C.

Northern Wei (386-534)

Wall of Northern Wei

Chicheng, Hebei-Urad Banners, Inner Mongolia


A.D. 423

Northern Qi (550-577)

Wall of Northern Qi

Luliang Mountain, Shanxi-Hengshan Mountains-Yanshan Mountains-Juyong Pass near Beijing

About 1,500


Sui Dynasty (581-618)

Wall of Sui

Yellow River Bend in Ningxia-Inner Mongolia-Shanxi-Hebei-coast of the Bohai Sea, where Yu Pass was built

About 1,500


Liao Dynasty (916-1125)

Wall of Liao and ditches

Present-day Heilongjiang and Jilin, characterized by ditches in front of the wall

About 1,000

From 908, before inauguration of the dynasty, to 1058

Jin (Jurchen)
Dynasty (1115-1234)

Ditches of Jin

Morin Dawa Banner in Hulun Bair League (Inner Mongolia)-southwestern slopes of Greater Hinggan Mountains-northern slopes of Yanshan Mountains-western slopes of Yinshan Mountains, also characterized by ditches in front of the wall



Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

The Great Wall of Ming

Yalu river in Liaoning-Hebei-Shanxi-Inner Mongolia-Shaanxi-Ningxia-Jiayu Pass in Gansu



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