Autumn in Beijing, 2009

   As autumn spells the thrill of first-nighting, Beijing's finest season calms the city and opens to air a new pursuit of life. If those who sang of our world could be anywhere now, they would be in Beijing. Stroll Houhai in the morning, take off to the hills and ride into afternoon. Take dinner outside in orange sunset.

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CBD Expansion - Beijing CBD expansion plan to be chosen this year
CBD Expansion - CBD set to double by 2017
Seasonal Beauty

Autumn brings a cool calm that takes the city in a windy embrace. It is the favorite season for  those who like to walk in the park, browse an outside mall, or take dinner on the terrace. It is season for being comfortable outside in any sort of clothing, for sports, for exploration. Autumn  brings a new semester for students and new fashions on the street. The cooler temperatures whisper  that life is precious in this perfect time before winter arrives.

Ancient Beauty - Jietai Temple
Ancient Beauty - The Temple of Heaven
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Local knowledge: How to get fit
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