2010 Summer in Beijing

Summer arrives swiftly and holds the city in a hot embrace. The transition is swift and sudden. The light spring weather has intensified. Outdoor life emerges in the evening as the temperatures cool down, outdoor restaurants materialize on the sidewalk, and the street vendors work till late hours.

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Int'l conference of World Organizaion for Women in Science opens in Beijing
Beijing, Moscow sign cooperation pact
Seasonal Beauty

Beijing is hot, with the occasional rain shower. Enjoy boating at the Summer Palace, and nights on the shore at Houhai and Beihai.

Natural Watershed Area - The First Waterfall in Beijing
Natural Watershed Area - Longtanjian Natural Scenic Spot
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PHOTO CONTEST--The People's Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends
"Zhongguancun Science and Education Tourism Festival": Call for Participation
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Yunkun's Beijing Living
Betty's Beijing Blog
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Doctors urged to warn against cellphone use in cars
Don't let the stress and work pressures get to you, say veterans
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