2010 Winter in Beijing

As the temperature drops, warm interiors beckon. Hot tea becomes an essential ingredient for life. Winter winds blow, but spiritually it is the warmest time of the year. A string of holidays from November through February mark the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Day, Yuan Dan, and most important, the Spring Festival.

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High-speed rail linking Beijing, Shanghai to open in June
Top Chinese leaders watch Peking Opera in New Year gala
Seasonal Beauty

Ski, skate, and hike in the hills around Beijing. Try out the man-made snow mountain inside the Bird's Nest stadium. Enjoy and relax outside in natural hot springs as the first snow arrives.

Longmai Hot Spring
Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center
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Bird's Nest winter show start
Fragrance library in downtown Beijing
Beijing Neighborhood

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Da Hong Pao Tea and Chinese Calligraphy- A traditional tea ceremony in Beijing
The Temple of Heaven- a chance to leave the real life behind
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Hitting the gym at home
Beijing proposes two new children's hospitals
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