2011 Spring in Beijing

   The warmth of spring floods Beijing, a reason to walk though the streets and explore the parks. The spontaneous laughter of children playing outside is a call to enjoy the warmer weather. No more winter coats, no more hiding from the cold, spring is calling, come outside.

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Flower diplomacy in Zhongshan Park
Beijing to become a globalized metropolis by 2050
Seasonal Beauty

Beijing is covered in green leaves and the fragrance of new flowers. Smiles, shorts and T-shirts return from the wardrobe and brighten the city.

Natural Scenic Area Outings - Shentangyu Natural Scenic Area
Natural Scenic Area Outings - Yunju Temple Natural Scenic Area
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Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr in Beijing
Enjoying life on the wild side
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Guyu Festival Celebration at Shicha Hai
Trip to Shichahai in Xicheng District
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