2013 Autumn in Beijing

As the days begin to cool down and the leaves on the trees begin to change from a sea of green to a sea of gold why not see Beijing and its surroundings before the looming winter arrives. Beijing has so much to offer, with the golden week and the best season to eat the furry crabs why not get out and take advantage of this glorious time of year.

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Disgruntled rubber duck perks up in Beijing
Exports expand in August as economy recovers
Seasonal Beauty

Now the days are cooler there is still time to make plans for daytrips, hiking and see all those sites we've been meaning to see with our friends and family. With so many places to go and visit it's difficult to choose where. Let's take a look at some suggestions...

Fragrant Hills Park
Badaling National Forest Park
Discover Beijing

Discover modern Beijing and participate in its development.

National Museum set for major exhibitions
Creative bakery opens in Beijing
Beijing Neighborhood

Stories of Beijing's visitors and contributions from eBeijing Volunteers, we welcome your participation.

My Back Yard - Beijing Zoo
Great Value on a Hospital Visit
Useful Information

Recommended services and information for healthy living this season.

Getting stoned with hot rock autumn massage
Ways to beat allergies
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