2013 Summer in Beijing

Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Beijing is really starting to heat up. This is a great time to get out and see Beijing in full bloom and in all its glory, just don’t forget your shades and sunscreen. And in the cooler evenings why not sit outside, talk with friends and have something delicious to eat.

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Performing arts and design festivals
Beijing Dance Festival says good-bye to signature piece
Seasonal Beauty
Don’t let the summer heat put you off, this is still a great time to go on daytrips, picnics, and hikes with our friends and family perhaps even do a bit of sunbathing. With so many places to go and visit it’s difficult to choose where. Let’s take a look at some suggestions…
Water-Dancing World in the Fountain
The 7th (summer) Thailand Elephant Water-splashing Festival
Discover Beijing

Discover modern Beijing and participate in its development.

Oil paintings exhibition opens to visitors in Beijing
Memorize the old Beijing with painting brush
Beijing Neighborhood

Stories of Beijing's visitors and contributions from eBeijing Volunteers, we welcome your participation.

Yuanmingyuan Park
Train Travel
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Nurturing honest food
Avoid trans-fatty acids
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