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Places to watch European Soccer
You might be interesting where to watch European football in a nice atmosphere. Out of many sport bars in Beijing we list 9 places to enjoy an exciting match with friends.
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Beijing to promote winter sports by launching free courses
A project in Beijing will benefit more than 10,000 young students by giving away professional ice hockey training in a bid promote winter sports in the 2022 Winter Olympics host city.
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Permanent Olympic Symbol Marks Beijing's New Landmark
Beijing officially launched an Olympic tower on the former site of the 2008 Summer Games on June 12, making it the second city to hang the five-ring Olympic icon on top permanently succeeded to Montreal, Canada.
Beijing Sport Clubs - Beijing Hikers
A fun and friendly way to see more obscure sections of the Great Wall and other hiking trails, Beijing Hikers makes it easy for you to explore Beijing.
Beijing Sport Clubs - Beijing Kickers
Beijing Kickers Football Club (BJK) is an organization that has been right at the heart of the youth football industry in Beijing since 2013. Comprising of a strong team of international coaches.
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China to have more than 70,000 soccer pitches by 2020
China vows to have more than 70,000 soccer pitches by the year of 2020 as the country is aiming to become a soccer power in future, the government said on Tuesday.
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Marathon Mania
Fitness, fad and finance combine as participation skyrockets. In its 34th year, the Beijing International Marathon has drawn more than 60,000 hopeful participants in a registration period of only two weeks.
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Yao Ming Elected to U.S. Basketball Hall of Fame
Former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming, who is credited with building the popularity of professional U.S. basketball in China, has been elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball hall of Fame for the class of 2016.
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Hiking and Biking During the Flowering Season
Pinggu, bordering north China's Tianjin Municipal and Hebei Province, boast 10,000 mu (667 hectares) of apricot and 220,000 mu (14.67 hectare) of peach orchards, respectively--the largest peach fields in the world.
10 Most Influential Sports in China
Though China is always associated with Chinese martial arts, Sports in China today actually include a variety of styles. Since the founding of People's Republic of China, a large number of sports activities, both Western and traditional Chinese, have becoming more and more popular in China.
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