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Chaoyang District Making the "Integrated Reform" for Foreign-Invested Enterprises

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Recently, Chaoyang District has taken the lead to make the reform integrating foreign-invested enterprise examination, approval, record and registration in Beijing and officially set up the "integrated window" for foreign-invested enterprises. The time limit of foreign-invested enterprise record, registration, examination and approval will be reduced from 29 working days to 9 working days.

It is said that in the past, for the examination and approval, foreign-invested enterprises should firstly go to the foreign-invested window of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce for approval before applying for the business license at the window of the industry and commerce department, which takes 29 working days. However, with the establishment of the "integrated window" for foreign-invested enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises in Chaoyang District can submit all the application materials at the same time, which can flow directly between Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and the industry and commerce department, and receive the approval documents issued by the two departments at the same time through that window. The establishment of the "integrated window" for foreign-invested enterprises can significantly reduce the time limit of record, registration and examination and approval for foreign-invested enterprises, reducing from the previous 29 working days to current 9 working days. Meanwhile, the frequency of companies to travel among windows is reduced from 5 to 2 times, greatly saving the management time for them and reducing the cost of travelling among different windows.

Besides, with the interconnected mechanism of record and registration between Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and the industry and commerce department, those registered enterprises without the business record are granted the "Notification of Foreign-Invested Enterprise Record", reminding them timely of the business record in order to strengthen the supervision during and after the process.

According to the introduction of the relevant head in Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, from October 1 last year, for the establishment and modification of those foreign-invested enterprises not on the Negative List, the department of commerce changed from the examination and approval to record management. Statistics indicate that currently, more than 95% of the foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing are put on the online record. With the development of the comprehensive pilot of further opening up the service sector, more measures will be taken to bring convenience to the examination and approval and registration of foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing.

Source: eBeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2017-06-01