Beijing Huijia Private School


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Established in the year 1993, composed of the primary, junior high, senior high school, Beijing Huijia (IB) Private School is a K-12, day and boarding school where Chinese and foreign students are studying together. The school is having elegant environment, fresh air, filled with modern breath, seeking innovation, integrating advanced foreign cultures and educational philosophies, and equipped with modernized teaching facilities and first-class educational conditions, is an internationalized school based on IB philosophy. At present, the school is having over 2500 Chinese and foreign students from 28 countries, more than 500 Chinese and foreign teachers and staff, is the largest private school in Beijing.

Directions: Take Subway Line  13, and get off at Longze Station; then transfer to Bus  21 and get off at South Gate of Beijing Huijia Vocational School.
Open Hour: Free during 8:30-17:30 on May 19th and Sep 27th. Charge at other hours, ticket price is RMB 50.
Reservation: Accept group reservation is required.
Capacity: 50-100 people.
Service: Free on-site commentary in Chinese and brochures.
Notice: Please abide by the arrangements of the leader and no loud talking.