Beijing Yu Sheng Tang Chinese Medicine Museum

Date:2012-12-10      Source:ebeijing

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Yu Sheng Tang started in the 36th Year of Emperor Wanli of Ming Dynasty (AD 1608). Yu Sheng Tang relic exhibits mainly include seven major sections: the Old Yu Sheng Tang Herbal Medicine Shop of Qing Dynasty, the Utensils of Chinese Medicine of All Dynasties, Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine Specimen, Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine Package, Medicine Books and Journals of All Dynasties, Modern Medical Prescriptions and Medical Records, A Hundred Years Chinese Medicine Brand Ads.

Directions: take Express Bus No. 3, Bus 426, Bus 430, Bus 984, Bus 985, or Bus 966 and get off at Ping Xi Fu Intersection, the Museum is inside the Wang Fu Apartment court.
Open Hour: Free during 9:00-11:00 and 13:00-16:00 on May 19th and Sep 27th. Charge at other hours, ticket price is RMB 20.
Reservation: Accept both group and individual reservations.
Capacity: 50-100 people.