Shen Yu Museum


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Currently, Shen Yu Museum mainly exhibits up to 100 pieces of exquisite jade articles from China’s Ming and Qing Dynasty. Every piece of collection here is a boutique historically and culturally with their featured subject and sculptural technique, either the court treasures once possessed and played by emperors, generals or ministers, or the GinCaiYu-the Gold Color Jades that have long lost will all for sure give you much satisfaction.

Directions: Take Bus 300 Internal/External Ring, Special 8, Bus 671, 731, 302 or 601.
Open Hour: Free during 8:30-15:30 on August, and May 19, September 27. Charge at other hours.
Reservation: Accept group reservation.
Capacity: 50 people.
Service: Free on-site commentary in Chinese.
Notice: No food, no beverage and no smoking.