Beijing Auto Museum


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The Beijing Auto Museum, located on the south fourth ring road, officially opened its doors to the public on September 23 after six months of trial operations. 

With an exhibition area of nearly 50,000 square meters and housing over 80 vintage cars made in China and abroad, the auto museum is China's first government-funded public museum for automobiles.

Directions: (1) take 740, 996, Bus 9 Special, YunTong 115 to south gate of Yi Hai Hua Yuan, the south of which is the Museum;
(2) take Subway Line 9 to KeYi Lu and come out of the subway from Exit C, walk eastward for 300 meters passing by the footbridge, then you will find the Museum.
Open hours: Free during 9:00--17:00 on May 19 and Sept. 27; charge at other hours, ticket price is RMB 50 for adults, and RMB 20 for students.
Reservation: Accept both group and individual reservations.
Capacity: 300-1000 people.
Service: free on-site commentary in Chinese, brochures and souvenir.
Notice: During the open days, considering the number of people, please abide by the command self-consciously; the Museum has the right to take measures like restraining the flow of visitors or assigning specific floors for visitors to visit.