China Pingju Opera Theater


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China Pingju Opera Theater is a drama performance place mainly that performs Pingju Opera and also plays various local operas in China. Meanwhile, it also holds various kinds of performances relate to drama, songs and dances, music and art as well as screens the film so as to meet the various cultural demands of the people who live in the south of Beijing. The theater now holds ten famous operas and one opera highlight in order to celebrate the complete of China Pingju Opera Theater and the Pingju Opera exhibition activities. Those Pingju Opera fans will get satisfied for those elaborate collected opera programs and the famous Pingju Opera celebrities.

Directions: take Bus 14, 343, 603, 613, 66, 741, 70, 40 and get off at Si Lu Tong station; or take Bus 51, 300, 324, 366, 434, 497, 654, 665, 678, 707, 741, T8, 820, 839, 943, 957, 971, 973, 978, 988, Yutong 103, Yutong 108, Yutong 202 and get off at Mu Xi Yuan Qiao West.
Reservation: Only accept group reservation.
Capacity: under 50 people.
Service: no on-site commentary.