Wang Zhi He


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In December, 2010, a first fermented bean curd technology popularization exhibition hall was opened to the public in China. The exhibition hall included eight regions like historical culture region, traditional processing region, traditional technological model, fermented bean curd quality control region, which displayed the secret about the magic fermented bean curd, and gave an intuitive explanation to the young.

Directions: Take Bus 746, 977 or 389 and get off at Tian Cun Zhong Jie station, or take Bus 645, 336 or 977 express and get off at Sha Shi Lu Dong Kou station.
Open Hour: Free during 9:00--15:30 at 15th of every month, postpone to the next work day if it’s weekend.
Reservation: Only accept group reservation.
Capacity: 50 people.
Service: Free on-site commentary in Chinese.