Computer Network Information Center (CNIC)


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The Network Science Publicity and Education Center is set by the Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the principles of "conducting overall planning, enhancing integration, exerting advantages and serving the public", in an effort to implement the deployment for informatization required in the "11th Five-year Plan". It is set based on the existing infrastructures and aims to publicize the innovative knowledge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and serve the publicity and education of science in a network environment. 

The Network Science Publicity and Education Center will strive to develop into a demonstration base for network science publicity and education application, a technical and service center of the Academy for building and sharing network science publicity resources and promoting education, and a window of the Academy for publicizing knowledge innovatively and displaying achievements. It will make efforts to provide multi-layer and featured services to meet the demands of science publicity activities; provide network science education service to meet the demands of the public in improving their knowledge of science; provide network on-job training and continuous education to meet the demands of technicians for career development and science and technology innovation.

The visit course covers: 1. top-grade internet center area in China, 15min; 2D and 3D technology revelation cinema, 15min; 3. speech & virtual experience, 30min.

Directions: Get off at Zhi Chun Lu Nan Li station by Bus 826, 941, 725, 735, 804, 386 or 304; or get off at Haidian Jiaotong Zhi Dui station by Bus 320 Line, 619, 630, 732 Line or 735.
Open Hour: Free during 8:30--19:00 on May 19 and Sept. 27; charge at other hours, ticket price is RMB 50.
Reservation: Only accept group reservation.
Capacity: 50 people.
Service: free on-site commentary in Chinese, brochures and souvenir.
Notice: No smoking. Keep quiet.