Beijing Liubiju Food Co., Ltd. Huairou plant


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Originally Liubiju was opened by a Mr. Guo. But as business wasn't good, Guo sold the store to a family surnamed Zhao. That was in the 9th year of the reign of Emperor Jiajing during the Ming Dynasty. It's exactly 475 years from now.

With this discovery, Liubiju becomes the brand with the longest history in Beijing. And it's been selling pickles right from the start. But, although their products are unchanged, the way they make them is right up to date.

Visit Route:
1. Long history, touching tale and current development status of the company;
2. Time-honored products and famous brands of the company, including Liubiju, Tianyuan, Guixinzhai, Jinshi and Longmen.
3. Traditional products, feature products and new products of the company.
4. Have a visit to production base and culture hall of the company.

Directions: Get off Yanxi Dajie Middle road by Bus 866, and walk 1000m, you will find the plant.
Open Hour: Free during 9:00-16:30 regular monthly.
Reservation: Only accepte group reservation .
Capacity: 50 people.
Service: Free on-site commentary in Chinese and free brochures.