Beijing Huang Qin Xian Gu Scenic Spot


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Beijing Huang Qin Xian Gu Scenic Spot, the state-level AAA tourist attraction, lies in the extension line of Cuan Di Xia Cun, the famous historical and cultural village. There are Chinese medicinal herbs park, tourist reception park, Huang Qin (Scutellaria baicalensis)-growing park, Huang Qin cultural experience park, ecological health care park, mountainous leisure park, park to worship Chinese traditional medicine ancestors in the scenic spot. Quadrangle courtyards are provided for accommodation, including presidential suites and rooms for individual travelers; Qin banquet hall can hold 300 persons at the same time.

Directions: West to intersection of Zhai Bai Road and 109 National Highway.
Open Hour: Free on May 19th and Sep 27th, charge at other hours. Ticket price is RMB 35
Reservation: Group and individual reservations are required.
Capacity: 50 people.