Beijing Tongzhou Museum


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The Tongzhou Museum features 164 cultural antiquities of the past 2,200 years of the the suburban Beijing district of Tongzhou.

The museum is housed in a well restored Qing Dynasty compound with houses around a square courtyard. There are colorful paintings in the rooms of the houses. In the spring a fragrant lilac tree blooms in the center of the courtyard's flower bed. A relief dragon sculpture surrounds the lilac tree.

Directions: Take Bus 728/322/806 to Xin Hua Street station, walk east for 100m.
Open Hour: Free during 9:00-16:30 every day.
Reservation: No reservation is required.
Capacity: 50-100 people.
Notice: No smoking, no camera shooting, or photographing without permission. Flammable and explosive materials are prohibited.