China Fire Museum


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China Fire Museum covered an area of 9,500 meters. It comprises five halls, including the ancient fire hall, modern fire hall and experience hall of fire and calamity prevention and other two halls.

It is the largest fire-themed museum and the only national-level fire industry museum in China, which aims to lay out development history of fire prevention in China by collecting and displaying historical and cultural relics and is dedicated to academic research and exchanges to further enhance the quality of national fire safety awareness.

Directions: Take Bus 676/423/56/351/800Nei to Da Guan Yuan Xi station, walk north for 100m;
Take Bus 800Wai/800Nei/423/604/340/5/676/381/939/456/410/122/49 to Cai Hu Ying Qiao Bei station, walk south for 500m
Open Hour: Free during 9:00-17:00 every week from Wednesday to Sunday.
Reservation: Accept both group or individual reservation.
Capacity: 100-300 people.
Service: Brochure and on-site commentary in Chinese will provide. Rate for interpreter is RMB 130 per 20 people, 
Remake: Please take valid ID for individual visitor; advanced appointment is required for team.