Beijing Xu Beihong High School


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Beijing Xu Beihong High School (Junior) is a feature school of qualified teaching resources. XU Qingping, son of Mr. XU Beihong, take the honorary president of the school. It is the only public junior high school of art feature in XiCheng District, and focuses on course construction, cultivating specialty of students. It has fostered batches of outstanding students with solid knowledge base and strong art quality.

Address: 1 ShouChang Street, YongAn Road, XiCheng District.
Directions: Take Bus 59/106/Special 30 and get off at Beiwei Road station.
Open Hour: Free during 8:00 - 19:00 on May 19 and Sept. 27; close at other hours.
Reservation: Accept group reservation.
Capacity: 50 people.
Service: Free brochure and on-site commentary in Chinese and English.