Spring Festival                                              Jan. 28
Lantern Day                                                  Feb. 11
Qingming Festival                                          Apr. 4
Duanwu Festival                                            May. 30

Qi Xi Festival                                                 Aug. 28
Mid-Autumn Festival                                      Oct. 4
Double Ninth Festival                                     Oct. 28

Tranditional Chinese Fesitvals
The Traditional Chinese Fesitvals have been part of Chinese tradition for thousands of years; they are an essential part of Chinese culture. Many holidays are associated with Chinese mythology and folklore tales, but more realistically, they probably originated from ancient farmer rituals for celebrating harvests or prayer offerings.
Spring Festival   Lantern Festival   Qingming Festival
Dragon Boat Festival   Double Seventh Festival   Mid-Autumn Festival

As China is a vast land and has many ethnic groups, different ethnic groups have different festivals in different places. Even on the same festival, they follow different customs. Here we introduce some important and commonly celebrated festivals. In fact, these traditional festivals have absorbed nourishment from different regions and various ethnic cultures and are a precious cultural heritage for the whole Chinese nation and its guests.
Double Ninth Festival