Mark Levine's Happy Life in Beijing
  Mark is originally from America. He is a country musician, sociologist, writer, charity organizer and a professor at Min Zu University of China. Mark professes to not speaking a lot of Chinese but he can sing Chinese songs very well. Mark's appreciation of Beijing comes through his love of how you can both feel tradition in the midst of a truly modern Beijing. We take a trip through the city he loves, along the Great Wall, through one of Beijing’s parks and finally to the top of the CCTV tower as Mark tells us about his journey and his inspirations in China.
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One Day of Vali and Kat
  This is a story of a young couple engaged in a business start up in Beijing. Vali is a British American and Kat is from Macedonia. They both came to China to study Chinese history and mandarin, for which they now completely fluent. Their fondness for China, particularly Beijing, led them to make a life here for themselves. They met when Kat recruited Vali to work for the company she represented. It was from then on their relationship blossomed. They always felt they wanted to go it alone and set up their own company, so they made a decision one day to set up A.L.B.A (A little bit apparel).
A Day in the Life of a Beijing Executive, Tom Rowley
  Tom is the CIO at Blue Star Chemicals who takes care of the IT infrastructure. He is an American and first came to Beijing in 1994 and has seen many changes during the past 20 years. Through Tom we learn how Beijing is opening up more and more and so are the opportunities for business. We also take a look how Tom balances his work and family life. We see how they enjoy a western lifestyle and education while still embracing the experience of living in the historic city of Beijing.
360° of Beijing from the Perspective of an International Student, Philipp
  Philipp is from Germany and studies Chinese and Politics at the School of Oriental and African studies in London. He first came to China 3 years ago with a dream of living and experiencing a whole different culture. Philipp believes that by learning the Chinese language he has been able to make friends, enjoy Beijing life and really learn about Chinese culture. We join Philipp as he spends time with his friends, taking pictures in the park, enjoying drinks at a friendly bar and eating chuan in the Hutongs. We also take a look at Philipp's working life at eBeijing.
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