Agritainment in Che Er Ying.png
Agritainment in Che Er Ying
  In this video we look at a mountain village called Che Er Ying which is one of Beijing's agricultural programs. We learn that it has an interesting history as a chariot troop was stationed here back in the Ming Dynasty. This picturesque village is surrounded by ancient pines and has a lingering smell of incense sticks. We take a look at Lv Dongbing Cave to the south-west of the village. We also see how the villagers greet distinguish guests with a magnificent Ox Banquet.
Beijing Tip of the Tongue.png
Beijing Tip of the Tongue
  This is a story about Tian Shu who arrived in Beijing 6 - 7 years ago. Arriving in Beijing to Study, Tian Shu dreamed of becoming an actor. His interests extended to other things including culinary art, so Tian Shu decided to open up a restaurant. This short video shows how Tian Shu learned special skills from master chefs, and also how he places great importance on choosing the right ingredients. We see how he prepares a meal for his friends and the enjoyment he takes from seeing others enjoy his food and explaining the origins of his dishes.
The Health-Preservation Culture Journey.png
The Health-Preservation Culture Journey
  This short movie takes on a tour of the Health-Preservation Culture Journey of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. We look at how the Chinese concept of Ying and Yang influences Chinese medicine. Also, how it affects the foods people eat, the medicine people take, acupuncture, massage, Qigong and other curing methods. We also take a look at Tongrentang, a century-old herbal medicine shop, which has inherited Traditional Chinese Medicine culture for 300 years.
Expats in Beijing.png
Expats in Beijing
  In this short video we explore the lives of three expatriates in Beijing. Michael who is a teacher at Renmin University of China. He is originally from America but now lives and works on campus with his family. Philipp who is from Germany and studies Chinese and Politics at the School of Oriental and African studies in London. Tom who is the CIO at Blue Star Chemicals who takes care of the IT infrastructure.
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