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Enjoy the Snow

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The Imperial Palace


Tag: Real imperial magnificence

If it snows in Beijing, you should go to the Imperial Palace as a first choice to learn the vicissitudes of Chinese history, to feel the grand manner of an imperial palace and to absorb the spirit of the heaven and earth.

Scenic spots around: Tian'anmen Square, Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park
Old Beijing Hutong

Tag: Feeling the "warmth of snow"

The Hutong in snow is always a pretty sight representative of the "true Beijing". Hutongs in the Houhai area are relatively well preserved and those in the Nanluoguxiang area are the most typical ones. There are 8 Hutongs on the east and west sides of the Nanluoguxiang area similar to that of a centipede, so it is also called "the Centipede Street".

Scenic spots around: Prince Gong's Mansion, Lama Temple, Former Residence of Song Qingling
Tanzhe Temple

Tag: The snow falling on an ancient temple

The snow washed away the dust in the ancient Buddhist temple. Tanzhe Temple in Beijing may be your best choice to enjoy the snow. It is not far from the downtown area. As an ancient temple of more than a thousand years, it has towering ancient trees and Buddhist Towers, which make it very quiet and peaceful after the snowfall. 

Scenic spots around: Cuandixiacun, Jietai Temple, Miaofeng Mountain

Tag: A dream of Red Mansions in snow

Shichahai is always considered as one of the most romantic places in Beijing with numerous places to relax. Here you may sit on a couch in front of a window, fill your head with flashes of memories or put your mind at ease. Soon you will find that the snow has brought you the peace you have been seeking.

Scenic spots around: Jingshan Park, Beihai Park
The Summer Palace

Tag: Finding a bridge and snow

You may see the snowy scene of the West Lake at the Summer Palace when Longevity Hill is covered with snow and Kunming Lake is frozen in ice. Here you might have the illusion of seeing a playful young girl of the imperial court walking toward you down the corridor.

Scenic spots around: Yuanmingyuan Park, Beijing Botanical Garden

Source: eBeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2017-12-28