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Enjoy the Ice

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Taoyuan Fairy Valley


The biggest features of Taoyuan Fairy Valley in winter are playing on the ice and in the snow. It features a very mature ice climbing spot. A wall of ice, formerly a waterfall, looks marvelous and you can rent necessary wear and equipment to enjoy the ice climbing which is easy to learn and far more exciting and thrilling than other winter sports.

Address: Shicheng Town, Miyun County, Beijing
Tel: 010-61025667, 61025309, 61025529

Transportation: take Bus 980, 987, 970 to Miyun County, and then transfer to the mini bus to Shicheng Town; or drive from East 3rd Ring Road to the Beijing-Shunyi Highway, go eastward and turn left at the Kuliushu Roundabout, drive forward on the Beijing-Miyun Highway to Miyun County, turn left at Xidaqiao crossing, go north for 20 km to Shicheng Town, and you will arrive at the Taoyuan Fairy Valley when you pass the Shuipuzi Bridge.
Double Dragon Gorge


In the cold winter, the rivers and streams in the suburbs become white and frozen. The Double Dragon Gorge in Mentougou District attracts tourists with its unique scenery. People come here to appreciate the beauty of the ice, take photos under the white birches, take walks on the frozen river, and have an adventure on the ice steps. Here they can enjoy the fun that nature has brought to them.

Address: Huocun Village of Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District, Beijing

Traffic route: go west from Fushi Highway to Jinglan Highway, turn right when you pass the Danli Tunnel and drive forward for 4 km, you will see a road sign, pass the Dongfanghong Tunnel, drive another 5 km, you will also see another road sign, keep driving 5 km forward, pass the Yanchi Railway Station, turn left after you pass the Qinyukou Check Station, and you will get to the scenic spot.

Source: eBeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2017-12-28