How to Create an Account
This account type is good for daily use of RMB and allows you to get information about your account online and over the phone. You will receive an ATM card which you can use to withdraw money and pay for things in many stores. You will also receive an electronic key to use online.
ATM Withdrawal (with a Card)
Using an international card (Mastercard/Cirrus, VISA, or JCB) at various ATMs all over Beijing, you can withdraw money almost everywhere. At local China state owned banks, every time you withdraw from an ATM that is not owned by your bank, you will be charged a fee of 2 RMB. If you use a local card at your own bank's ATM, the withdrawal is free.
Exchanging Currency
Foreign exchange is an exchange of currencies at an exchange rate. The rate between currencies changes by the minute or second. Learn how to do it at the bank with this tutorial.
Receiving Money From Abroad
This tutorial describes how to receive money at a Beijing account from outside China, and describes how to receive it. To transfer money from most larger banks to a Bank of China account, the sender will need several pieces of information including SWIFT and account number. The receiver will need an account.
Lost Card or Passbook
If you have lost your card, you can call the bank, or go to any branch to report it lost. You must then fill out a lost card form at the bank where you got your card within 5 days.
Closing your account
Closing your account is a simple process. You must go to the bank branch and sign a form. The bank teller will give you whatever money is in your account (in cash, if you have more than 10,000 USD or the equivalent in the account that you are closing, please make an appointment first) and a receipt indicating the closure of your account.

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