Enjoy the Summer of 2009


    Beijing is a sanctuary of both development and history, and is home to people from all over the country and the world.

    As a new nation, China breathes youth and is growing quickly. Development, invention and innovation is everywhere, surprising in new ways every day.

Beijing Now

See what is happening in Beijing now. Get the larger perspective on what is going on in Beijing today, find out what events are occuring and what changes are effecting the city.

China to extend role in world peace
Chinese handicapped honored for seeking self-reliance
Seasonal Beauty

As the weather heats up flowers continue to bloom all over the city, and the Botanical Gardens come alive. Beijingers take trips to watershed areas to cool off. In the city center people spend long evenings talking into the hot summer night at informal streetside restaurants.

Lotus Blossoms - Beijing Botanical Gardens
Lotus Blossoms - Shichahai
Discover Beijing

Discover modern Beijing and participate in its development.

Invitation to the Photo Contest--The City of Beijing in the Eyes of Foreigners
'Water Cube' opened to public
Beijing Neighborhood

Stories of Beijing's visitors and contributions from eBeijing Volunteers, we welcome your participation.

Yunkun's Beijing Living
Betty's Beijing Blog
Useful Information

Recommended services and information for healthy living this season.

Tips on Camping of Outdoor Exercises
Ten Don'ts for Tours in Summer
Online Magazines

Find out what is happening this season, with events and seasonal features.

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