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Ten Don'ts for Tours in Summer

It's hot to tour in midsummer and people tend to ignore disease prevention and healthcare in seeking coolness and therefore suffer from various discomforts and even diseases. Hence people should spend summer holidays scientifically instead of carelessly.

Don't sit on wood.
As the saying goes, "don't sit on stone in winter and on wood in summer." It's hot and humid in summer and wood, especially timber and benches put in the open, which contain much moisture from dew and rain and emits humidity and heat with the rise of temperature under the sun, causing people to suffer from skin diseases, rheumatism and arthritis.

Don't have too much cold food.
If the stomach is stimulated by a lot of cold food in the hot summer, it will speed up peristalsis, the stay of food in the small intestine will be shortened and absorption of food nutrition by human bodies will be affected. Meanwhile, the quantity of heat is not easy to emit and temperature in the stomach and intestine is also high because of the high temperature in summer and sudden cold stimulation will lead to stomach cramps and bellyaches.

Don't sleep in the open.
Sweat glands secrete sweat continuously in midsummer to emit heat in the body and when we are sleeping, the body is in a state of relaxation and the resistance lowers temporarily. If the temperature goes down sharply with cold wind and dew, people will most likely suffer from headaches, bellyaches, discomfortable joints, indigestion and diarrhea. People sleeping in the open at night would be bitten by mosquitoes and might contract such diseases as cerebritis.

Don't overlook afternoon nap.
The day is long and the night is short and the temperature is high in summer. People's metabolism is quick and consumption much, so it's easy for them to become tired. Additionally, as it's hot at night, people cannot sleep well and enough. Therefore one to two hours' nap at noon will do much good to the health and put various systems of the body to rest. It's also a good measure to prevent heat stroke.

Don't be blown too long by electric fans.
The balanced state of sweat would be destroyed if people are blown too long by electric fans, which will make them have headaches, dizzy, painful legs, soft hands and discomforts in all their bodies. Other diseases may also be induced in serious cases. It's easier to catch cold when falling asleep with electric fans on in midsummer. The old people and children should pay more attention to it.

Don't set your air conditioner to the temperature of too low.
Air conditioners can bring people comfortable environment, but they are liable to catch cold if indoor and outdoor temperatures differ so much that they cannot adapt to the change in indoor and outdoor temperatures. If indoor and outdoor temperatures differ too much and people don't pay attention to indoor ventilation, air in rooms will become stuffy and breed various pathogenic microorganisms. If people's resistance lowers, they are likely to contract diseases. Hence air conditioners should not be set too low but 5 to 8 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature, 10 degrees at most.

Don't get "Rapid cooling".
In hot summer, people tend to take a cold water shower for "rapid cooling" after coming from outdoors so as to get rid of sweat and eliminate heat in their bodies as soon as possible. But as they absorb a lot of heat under the sun, such "rapid cooling" will shrink pores in their bodies quickly and prevent heat from coming out, inducing a high fever, causing insufficient supply of blood because of the quick shrink of capillary vessels in their brains, making them dizzy and even causing shock in serious cases. People's resistance lowers at this time and cold will attack them by this opportunity. Hence the best way is to wipe away sweat on the body or wait for sweat to dry before taking a shower.


Don't drink quickly if you are very thirsty.
Some people drink a lot of water in summer after sweating and this will increase the burden on the heart, lowers the blood concentration and even cause palpitation, short of breath and abnormal sweating. Drink a small quantity of water if you are very thirsty, and drink more later.

Don't drink beverages in place of boiled water.
Soft drinks, fruit juice, cola and other beverages contain a lot of sugar and electrolyte. These substances will stimulate the stomach adversely and affect absorption and appetite. Too much of them will increase the burden on the kidney for filtration and affect its function. Taking in too much sugar will increase the quantity of heat in human bodies, making people fat. Hence don't take too much beverages in summer in place of boiled water. Children and old people should pay attention to this in particular.

Don't wear sunglasses which are too dark or too light.
Sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays from hurting the eyes, but too dark sunglasses will affect eyesight while too light sunglasses will allow ultraviolet rays to pass through and hurt the eyes. Hence 15%-30% visible light should be allowed to pass gray or green sunglasses selected for summer to fend off ultraviolet rays and not to affect eyesight and change colors of objects viewed much. 




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